Nepali Calendar 2077

We have Nepali Calendar 2077 . List of the holidays and festival that will appears in calendars. Share Nepali Calendar 2077 with your friends and let them know holiday and festival date ahead, 12 month Nepali calendar 2077, nepali patro 2077, nepali english nepali calendar 2077, nepali date today.

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It is the multicultural Nepali patro with events and festivals of all the Cultural ethnic groups of Nepal. Nepali Calendar follows details Nepali panching to list of important festival. For example Dashain, tihar,Teej, Chhath, Lhosar, Eid , etc useful for the Nepalese community .

Nepali calendar 2077-Baisakh
nepali calendar 2077 baisakh

Baisakh 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. New Year 2077= 1

b. Baruthini Ekadashi Brat = 6

c. Mother days = 11 ( 23rd April)

d.Akashaya Tritiya =14

e. International labour day =19

f. Molini ekadashi Brat =21

f . Gautam Buddha Jayanti, Purnima =25

Holiday in nepal
calendar 2077 jestha

Jestha 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. Apara Ekadashi =5

b. Ganatantra Diwas = 15

c. Nirjala Ekadashi =20

Nepali Date

Ashad 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. Dahi Chewra Khane din= 15

b. Guru Purnima= 21

c. Bhanu Jayanti= 29

Shrawan 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a.Saune Shankranti ,Luto Falne =1

b. Naag Panchami =10

c.Putrada Ekadashi =15

d.Janai Purnima, Rakshya Bandhan = 19

e. Shree Krishna Janmasthami =27

e. Ajaa Ekadashi = 31

Bhadra 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. Kushe Aaushi. Babu ko Mukh herni Din=3

b. Haritalika Teej=5

c. Ganesh Chaturthi=6

d.Rishi Panchami=7

e. Haripariwartini Ekadashi=13

f. Indrajatra =16

g. Indra Ekadashi Brat= 28

Ashoj 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. Bishwokarma Puja = 1

b. Constitution Day = 3

c. Padmini Ekadashi Brat = 11

d. Parama Ekadashi = 27

Kartik 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a.Ghatasthapana = 1

b. Phulpati = 7

c. Bijaya Dashami, Dashain Tika 2077 =10

d. Kukur Tihar , Deepawali , Laxmi Puja = 29

e. Gobardhan Puja = 30

Mangsir 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

a. Mha Puja Bhai Tika, Nepal Sambat 1141 start =1

b. Chaath Parba = 5

c. Haribodhini Ekadashi= 10

d. Tulashi Bibah = 11

Poush 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

4 Bibah Panchami 10 Mokshyada Ekadashi, Christmas Day 15 Tamu Lhosar 17 2021 AD Starts 25 Safala Ekadashi 27 Prithvi Jayanti, National Unity Day

Magh 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

1 Maghe Shankranti, Maghi Parba, Tol Lhosar 11 Putrada Ekadashi 15 Shree Swasthani Brat Starts 16 Shahid Diwas 25 Shatila Ekadashi 30 Sonam Lhosar

Falgun 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

2 Valentine Day 4 Shree Panchami, Sarashwoti Puja (Educational Institution Holiday) 7 Democracy Day 11 Jaya Ekadashi 24 Womens Day 25 Bijaya Ekadashi 27 Maha Shivaratri

Chaitra 2077 months Holiday and Festivals

1 Ghyalpo Lhosar (Holiday for Related 11 Leprosy Day 12 Aamalaki Ekadashi 15 Falgu Purnima (Holiday in Hilly Region) 16 Falgu Purnima (Holiday in Terai Region) 25 Paapmochini Ekadashi 30 Ghodejatra (Holiday in KTM Valley)

More About Nepali Calendar 2077

Nepali people follow Bikram Sambat as their own calendar.New year is called nava barsa in Nepali language. It is officially holiday. The day usually falls in second week of April. People celebrate by enjoying with family members and their well wisher.

Bikram Sambat is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar. It uses lunar months starting from Baishakh in mid April to Chaitra in mid march where it ends.

People celebrate different festivals during the year . The famous festival among people are Dashain, tihar,Teej, Chhath, Lhosar, Eid . There are hundreds of community in our country and they have their own rituals and festivals.

Nepali Calendar is based on the Bikram Sambat calendar and nepali calendar is approximately 56 years and 8.5 months ahead of the English Calendar known as Gregorian Calendar or AD. Nepali Calendar in nepal is called as nepali Patro. The new year starts from the middle of april(approximately 17th of the april). In Gregorian Calendar the days of the months are known but in Nepali calendar its not the case i.e. they change yearly.

The maximum number of days in a month in Gregorian calendar is 31, but in the Bikram Sambat nepali Calendar it can have upto 32 days. Bikram Sambat Nepali calendar is mostly used in Nepal and India. Some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thiland, Malaysia and Bhutan are also using Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar.

We have introduced this calendar to provide exact english date to nepali dates calendar along with the festivals, Public holidays, Marriage dates , Bratabandha dates and date converter tools etc. Peoples mostly use online nepali calendar for the festivals like Dashain(Bijaya Dashami), Tihar(Depawali), Chath Parba etc.

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