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Public Holiday in Nepal 2077

We have list of Public Holiday in Nepal 2077 . Nepal Sarkar has fixed the number of public holidays in Nepal for years 2077 B.S. Public Holiday in Nepal 2077 Following are the public holidays declare be the government of Nepal for the year 2077 ( 2020/2021). They are Nepali new year day, May Day

Rashi Name in Nepali

Rashi Name in Nepali Rasifal is prediction on the basis of moon, sun ,planet and time of date of birth. It is a science that many people misunderstand it as a myth. People predict future by the movement of sun,moon and planet. Many Nepalese believe and follow it. They start their day by reading rasifal

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Alexa Ranking Nepal

Alexa Ranking Nepal. Top 50 most Popular site in Nepal 2020. Look after the top 50 websites ranked by the Alexa. Alexa ranks websites with the help of traffics and engagement stats. These are the best and most visited websites in Nepal. Following are the top fifty websites in Nepal Top 50 websites Alexa Ranking

Seasons in Nepal.

Nepal is land of beautiful landscape.There are 6 seasons in Nepal. Each seasons of two months . The Springs and the autumn is the best time to visit Nepal. This is the favorable time where you can feel the beauty of Nepal Following are details of seasons in Nepal. Summer The summer seasons starts from

Nepali Months and days

Nepali Months and days We have Nepali and English both months along with pronunciation. There are 12 months in Nepali calendar . These months has 29 days to 32 days in it. It has its own History too. Many people around the world visit Nepal every day . They are a bit confused about the