How to transfer balance ?

How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC and NCELL to NCELL in Nepal.

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How to transfer Balance?

How to transfer balance in NTC ?

a. Nepal Telecom App: You can transfer the balance features.

b. How to transfer a balance from GSM prepaid in NTC ?

If you are planning to transfer balance from your GSM prepaid number in NTC, than you have to follow following steps:

a. First you need to have a security code.

b. *422*Security code* Phone Number* Rs# where

Security Code = Your Security Code

Phone Number= Number is the phone number in which you are planning to transfer the balance.

Rs = amount of money you want to sent.

The above mention Method works for GSM prepaid numbers whereas you can use the same process to send the balance to CDMA number( Sky Numbers ).

c. You can only transfer: Rs.10 -Rs.500/transfer and Maximum 20 transfer per day.

d. You can also send the balance from your Namaste prepaid number to Nepal telecom Postpaid using the same process as above.

You cannot transfer balance from one operater to another. So, the transfer is from NTC to NTC only. It means you cannot send money in NTC from Ncell, Smart or other telecom and vice versa.

How to get the security code in NTC ?

Earlier people used to visit NTC office to get the security code. Now, NTC has resumed the process to get the security code in your phone with the message.

Now users can easily get the security code from SMS in your Phone.

a. You send message “scode” to 1415.

b. After getting the security code, NTC warns not to share the code with others. There is a big risk !!!

We hope it is useful for you to get the security code for NTC numbers and also to transfer the balance. Sometimes there may arise an issue with the security code reply. Sometime you don’t get message or error.

How to transfer the balance from NCELL to NCELL ?

Now ncell prepaid users can send and receive balance from your family and friends ncell user any time. The user have to dial 17122 for to activate the service.

How to utilize this service ?

To transfer the balance form one Ncell user to Ncell you need to dial *17122* Phone Number*Type transfer amount #

Phone Number : Receiver number

Transfer amount: You want to transfer the amount

For example : to transfer Rs.100

Dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*100#

You need to know

a. User can transfer minimum Rs.10 at a time and only you can transfer the money three times a day.

b. User can transfer maximum Rs.200 at a time and maximum three times in a day.

c. Rs. 1 exclusive of taxes will be deducted as a service charge from the transferred amount.

d. You can transfer balance from prepaid to prepaid numbers only.

e. You can utilized the transferred amount for sending SMS/MMS and surfing internet.

f. Government taxes include: 13% telecommunication Service Charge and 13% VAT.

I hope it has help you to transfer the amount into your loved one number.

How to transfer the balance from Smart Cell to Smart Cell ?

You can transfer amount from Smart Cell to Smart Cell

a. Please dial : *131* Phone number * Amount*123456#

Phone Number: Receiver user phone Number

Amount: Amount of money you want to transfer

b. You may also use Smart app.

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