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Einstein Academy

About College

Einstein Academy (E.A) was established in 2001, as a modern and dynamic education institution imparting quality education in an affordable and conducive environment that enables students to achieve excellence in all walks of life.

Academic Programs of Einstein Academy

a. 10+2 Science

b.10+2 Management

c. 10+2 Humanities

d.4 years BBS

Eligibility and Admission Process

10+2 and BBS

a. SEE (Secondary Education Examinations) or any equivalent certificate holder.

 b. +2 or any equivalent certificate holders with major Mathematics & Economics, Securing minimum of 45 % marks.

c. BBS students are not eligible to enroll in the second year without appearing in the first year examination.

d. The ADMISSION FORM and PROSPECTUS are available at the reception counter during office hours (7:30 am – 4:30 pm).

e. The completed admission form with following essential documents must be submitted at the time of admission for necessary verification.

  f. Grade XI  : SEE Marksheet, Character Certificate.

  g. BBS         : Grade XI, XII Transcript, Character Certificate, Migration. 


​Over the past decade, Einstein Academy has been offering competitive accademic, talent-based scholarship, hardship-based awards to new, existing, as well as transfer students. Scholarship are awarded to students who meet certain academic or need-based criteria as reviewed and approved by the Scholarship Committee at Einstein Academy. If you are a victim of April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, then scholarships are awarded based on case by case basis. All applicants must furnish below documentations:

a. An essay describing your reasons for wanting to attend college and need for scholarship (2 pages)    

b. 3 Referential Letter other

c. Admission Form Filled Out



Einstein Academy is a modern and dynamic education institution imparting quality education in an affordable and conducive environment with an innovative approach that enables students to achieve excellence in all walks of life in the Global Society.


Founded and run by Professional Academicians  with love, compassion, empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and decades of career experience in Nepal and abroad under their belts including: U.S. (Hawaii, Omaha, New York), U.K., Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, to mention a few.


Accompanied by a team of well-qualified, highly experienced, and dedicated faculty members who have studied and worked in Nepal and abroad. Best of all, the students will be taught and groomed by the industry’s best of the best knowledgeable instructors. You have to see it to believe it!


Set in the rich cultural context of Kathmandu, Nepal where students from across the country join E.A. for a World Class +2 Higher Secondary and Bachelor’s Degree education.


Affordable tuition fees and excellent academic environment in a unique system that is second-to-non. The Affordable quality education within your reach!


Over thousands of students benefited from Einstein Academy’s Scholarship Foundation since its’ inception in 2001 and many more scholarship have been awarded the victims of April 25th, 2015 Nepal Earthquake, as well as students with exceptional talents, abilities, economic hardships, socially challenged (race, cast, ethnicity, status).


Results speak louder than words with outstanding performing students producing result that are High above National Average. Top 10 +2 Colleges as honored by HSEB  with outstanding BBS (TU) results


There are separate Science Labs, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology at state of art facility. All the science students are required to perform and complete the all the practical within the stipulated time frame. 


State of the Art Computer Lab for the students with well-equipped Wi-Fi, Inverters, LAN (Local-Area-Network), and WAN (Wide-Area-Network) access for World Wide Web, Mobile Web, or Mobile App Access.


Well-stocked Library as well as access to ever-great Free On-line Encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia’) A quiet study zone for students to focus on their studies after classes or before exams. Study Tip: Do not let go A DAY pass by without 3 hours of self-study at minimum daily! “Every drop makes an Ocean.” 

E-Learning, M-Learning, & Learning Management System: 

Students will soon have the ability to learn and access course ware curriculum via their Mobile Devices (M-Learning) as well as through the Internet (E-Learning) remotely at the comfort of their home or Internet Cafe. (Coming Soon. Projects have been initiated. By 2019.)


Basket-ball Court, Table Tennis, Games, Computer Games, Board Games, Extra-curricular as well as Sport Activities. If you have health, you have everything! Hence, health is your wealth and everything else comes after!


Cafeteria is filled with fresh nutritious and well-balanced food, to vitalize the mind.


Pick up and drop off services are available to remote students as well as students needing physical assistance on a daily basis.

Einstein Academy 

Thasikhel, Mahalaxmi Chowk, 
Ring Road, Ward No. 14,

Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel: +(977) 1 5170418  
Tel: +(977) 1 5171139


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