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Rato Bangala School

About School

Rato Bangala School is a co-educational school that also houses a teacher training institute. It has a unique dual programme that caters to students through the Rato Bangala School and teachers through the UNESCO award winning Rato Bangala Foundation.

Rato Bangala School opened in Lalitpur, Nepal, in 1992 with a commitment to groom Nepali students to be analytical independent thinkers aware of both the country’s present situation and its potential. To make learning meaningful and relevant, the school works closely with parents and the wider community. It emphasizes cooperative action, community service and critical thinking.

Principal Message

Whether you visit us online or in person we hope you will get a sense of what Rato Bangala is, and the mission that drives us. We are a progressive learning community that works to educate the whole person and transform individuals and ultimately the world.

Rato Bangala School

Since it started in 1992, we have worked on learning by doing, providing a rich experience in and out of the classroom to nurture critical thinkers.  Our approach is interdisciplinary, experiential and collaborative. Our students are encouraged not only to explore the world of knowledge but also their own behaviour. They then grow up to be concerned citizens who care about making a difference in the world.

A level

Since its establishment in 1992, Rato Bangala has provided student-centered education to students between the ages of six to eighteen. The school offers a rigorous curriculum with up-to-date teaching methods, good facilities and trained teachers.

Rato Bangala School

After students take the SLC examination in grade X, they begin the two-year Advanced (A) Level course conducted by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Students interested in joining this programme apply immediately after the SLC examinations.

Rato Bangala School is a registered Cambridge International Examination Centre. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) offers international courses, examinations and qualifications to students all over the world. A Level, as its name indicates, is an advanced international degree designed for academically inclined students; its courses prepare them for higher education anywhere in the world.


The A-Level programme lasts two years. Classes for A-Level students begin in June.

Eligibility for the A-Level 

Students who have taken the SLC/GCSE or equivalent at the time of admission can apply. The main requirement is academic ability to fulfill the rigours of this challenging programme. Each year Rato Bangala uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the programme.


Rato Bangala offers partial to full financial aid for exceptional candidates who demonstrate merit as well as need. Financial Aid Forms can be downloaded from the link below. Please note that the candidates seeking financial aid will be placed on a more competitive pool.

Contact Us

Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: 5534318, 5542045, 5522614, 5547620

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