Kathmandu National School

Kathmandu National School

About School

Kathmandu National School

Kathmandu National School (KNS), an A-grade co-educational institution was founded by renowned academicians and dedicated professionals in 1980 AD (2036 BS). The  school was  established  to cater the demand of the parents extending the good school  culture  that we  have been  successfully   delivering  through  our  Pre-School  and  Primary  School Program  since its  inception.  And later it was extended from Elementary to Secondary Level so as to fulfill the demand of quality education with culture.

Kathmandu National School

KNS is committed to bring out the best in a student and strongly believes that good education is interlinked with discipline and a systematic formation of character. KNS’s motto is to instill a deep sense of discipline in the students so that it becomes an integral part of their lives. The  school  is  like a home with compact  organization  of  happy  families  which  has  doctrine  of  delivering  education  with trinity  of “Education  , Civilization  and  Humanization “ .

Message from Principal

It ‘s my fortune to welcome you in Kathmandu National School (KNS ). Our students say that KNS is not only a school for them but it is also their home away from parental home . In this sense it is an academic shrine where our students are found to be so happy and confident to lead them to be the future leaders of the country . We attempt our level best to model our young angles to stand for the country by endeavoring with perseverance and overcoming challenges in the globe. We receive supreme satisfaction from our products. The school believe in our products as they are the ones who think spiritually , speak truly and perform kindly towards those who deserve the doctrine of perfect human beings.

Kathmandu National School

Activities of Kathmandu National School

Extra Co-Curricular Activities(ECAs) are inevitable parts for all round development of students.

The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities including a variety of indoor. And outdoor programs which are clearly mentioned in the operating calendar.

Schools has introduced different clubs such as; literary club, dramatic club, sports club, social service club, eco –environment  club  with full responsibility to conduct the ECAs of their concerns.

Students are trained to take on leadership and develop organizational skills as well as team spirit through a system of students’ representatives, either appointed or elected according to the need of school.

The school runs skill based as well as education based ECA programs which are:

a. Martial Arts

b. Fine Arts

c. Basket ball

d. Table tennis

e. Badminton

f. Dance

g. Music

h. Excursions

i. Swimming

Library learning and book reviewing

Chinese Language Class

Knowledge of Chinese language is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. We offer Chinese Language Class to our students without any cost.  Native speakers of China teach the students of primary, lower secondary and secondary.

School Excursions

Students are visual learners and an excursion lets them experience, touch, fell and listen to what they are learning about. The school organizes excursions to various places of educational value within. Or outside the country to gain better understanding of places, and expose them to worlds outside their own.

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